2017 China Holiday Planner

9 December 2016

The 2017 public holiday has just been announced. With our busy lifestyles, a public holiday offers the opportunity to hop on a flight and explore the amazing countries nearby.

I am sure we have all experienced trying to book an escape a few weeks in advance of a public holiday where flights are often at least twice the normal price and hotels availability is at an all time low.

Here is our guide to making the most out of the 2017 public holidays. Combine public holidays with weekends and you get a longer holiday.

New Year Day Off (31 December – 2 January, Saturday to Monday)
Take 1 day off work (30 December, Friday), and you can have a 4-day holiday!

Chinese New Year Day Off (27 January – 2 February, Friday to Tuesday)
Take 2 days off work (3-4 February, Friday-Saturday), and you can have a 10-day holiday!
*Note: 22 January, and 4 February are working days.

Ching Ming Festival (2-4 April, Sunday-Tuesday)
Take 1 day off work (1 April, Saturday), and you can have an 4-day holiday!
*Note: 1 April is a working day.

Labour Day Weekend (29 April – 1 May, Saturday-Monday)
Take 1 day off work (28 April, Friday), and you can have a 4-day weekend break!

Dragon Boat Festival (28-30 May, Sunday-Tuesday)
A perfect long weekend for short getaways!
*Note: 27 May is a working day.

National Day Off (1-8 October, Sunday-Sunday)
8-day holidays mean you have plenty of time to go travel!
*Note: 30 September is a working day.

Planning ahead is the key to maximizing your annual leave, grabbing the best deals, along with having lots of choice and options on where you want to go.